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About the brand Brazilian caucau keratin treatment

The BRAZILILIAN CACAU KERATIN TREATMENT by CADIVUE is the most innovative and effective professional smoothing treatment in the WORLD!

Brasil CACAU’s exclusive formula combines rich natural raw material and incorporates the latest BRAZILIAN KERATIN technology. Brazil CACAU reinforces the internal structure, improves the condition of the hair SMOOTHING THE CUTICLE & ELIMINATING GRIZZ while providing external protection.


•No damaging and no harsh chemicals.

•No formaldehyde..!

Results are instant!

•No need to wait 72 hours.

•The minute you leave the salon, you can wash your hair, wear a pony tail, use clips and pins and it will be straight, smooth, frizz free and EXTREMELY radiant!

Brasil CACAU’s aftercare products ensure long lasting results

Results last up to 3 months.

The exclusive formulation of Brasil Keratin Cacau Reconstruction combines keratin, cocoa and panthenol.


Brazil Keratin Cacau’s aftercare range combines keratin, Cacau butter and Panthenol in the anti frizz shampoo, conditioner and the leave-in. The deep conditioning mask provides extreme nourishing and replenishes the treatment ensuring longevity. The smoothing shine serum protects against thermal appliances, softens and give hair shine from roots to ends.
The chemical straightening process at the salon

Chemical hair straightening works by breaking down those disulfide bonds in curly hair and resetting them so the hair is straight. This is done in three stages: relaxing, neutralizing and conditioning.

Depending on the treatment, the relaxing, neutralizing and conditioning agents may all be combined into one cocktail, and the hair may be set with a blow dryer or straightening iron, but these are the chemical components:

First the bonds need to be broken down. This is called ‘relaxing’ and is done with chemicals that contain alkalis (do you remember high school chemistry? Alkalis are basic so they denature proteins, meaning they change the way proteins fold over onto themselves).

These alkalis are designed to do a controlled amount of damage: just enough to break down the curls but not so much as to break the hair. The chemical is washed off when the desired amount of damage is done.

The second step is to restore the pH balance of the hair. Since alkalis are basic, an acidic neutralizer will be put on to stop the chemical process and keep your hair from further breakage. At this point, the hair will be straight, but very delicate.

The final step is to apply a conditioner that will repair the hair damage and protect your hair from any additional damage.

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